What does it all mean? What does my solicitor actually do?

The title of this blog post is actually a quote from a truly lovely lady I met today.

Much like many other people she is sat wondering what she is getting for the fee’s she is paying. Moreover, and quite rightly she is wondering what is actually being achieved, and what the process actually is that leads up to her being able to move into her new home.

As many know, I have written much sarcasm about solicitors, and told many stories of incompetence over the years. All with good intentions, and I hope it has helped many people along the way. Today however, I am going to be somewhat more upright and exact in terms of provided information.

So, let us answer the question of what your solicitor actually does. It seems as though there is no better way of answering this question than referring you to the conveyancing protocol. It is a good read. I would suggest valuable to put this in your knowledge base if you’re going through, or about to go through the rigours of moving home;

This link is to a PDF, the webpage will open with a link, I recommend printing it out, but it is 31 pages. One thing you could do is save it to your phone or ipad etc….its always on hand then for when your solicitor rings…

Don’t be frightened by 31 pages, there isn’t actually much to read, it is more of a Solicitors ‘Idiots Guide’ that shows them what to do and when. In this instance though it also provides you with a useful guide for what should be happening, in what order and when.

Conveyancing Protocol – Click Here

Next I’ll come back to ‘exchange of contracts’. A term used lots and understood little.

I cannot recall meeting a member of the public, who understands what this is. And even after understanding that this is the moment that marks the ‘no backing out point’ and the point in time where everything becomes legally binding, they still don’t know how it is done.

So, another link.

For anyone who would like to know the actual mechanicals of exchange of contracts – and it might surprise you to know its simply a phonecall – then please read the following. This is copied and pasted directly from, and written by the Law Society

click on

Law Society’s formulae for exchanging contracts by telephone, fax or telex

If you have actually read both of these docs, then in alliance with all the info through the blog pages here (assuming you have read these too), may I simply say

‘congratulations – you are now equipped to slaughter just about anyone who annoys you during the process inbetween now and completion, so have fun’

I hope you have found this useful, and I wish you the best of luck with your move.


10 / 10


10 / 10


10 / 10


10 / 10




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