Being let down by removal company... read one customer’s story

It’s been a little while since I did a blog entry and now I have two topics on the same day.

Lets go over the story of Ms Walton, and yes, this story is true. Ms Walton has been on google reviews to vent her thoughts about the company in question.

Right now Andy and Matt are about 3/4 of the way through moving this lady out, but she wasn’t our customer, so how did we end up with this move?

Yesterday here at our Solihull office at 16:55 Donna took a call from Ms Walton’s Father, who was very stressed indeed, moreover he had his exceptionally upset daughter in the background. They had just found out from their appointed removal company that they wouldn’t be showing up the following day.

Ms Walton had put a call in to confirm arrangements following her making a booking weeks earlier. The person who answered the phone (the owner) asked her ‘How much did I quote you?’, and then said that in fact ‘no, we won’t be moving you.’

The customer had already had all their boxes from the company in question. There had been a quotation, an acceptance, boxes delivered and a date arranged.

Now, with work plentiful, and the chance of a better paid move this customer was cast aside.

This office sent me out there inbetween appointments last night, and we have (just about – and with great difficulty) managed to help them out.

Her Father informed me that they had been given reassurance from the lady that came to quote that the firm was a member of a trade body for the removals industry; namely RHA (Road Haulage Association), and the customer fell for this complete twaddle. Twaddle that we have heard of many customers falling for.

The RHA has nothing to do with the domestic moving market. It’s that simple. Don’t be fooled.

Ms Walton’s Father said he would ‘report them to the governing body’. I pointed out that there isn’t one.

He said ‘so what they have done is a-ok?’ I pointed out that his daughter had paid no money, had no promises, let alone a contract, and had nothing to ensure she wouldn’t be let down.

He then said, ‘does this happen often?’ To which I simply said ‘Do I look surprised?’

There is no ‘moral to the story’ and this post isn’t going to ‘preach’. We take no delight in this situation. Ms Walton and her family have suffered huge stress, indeed as somebody last week found out, failing to comply with your contract of sale and provide vacant possession by the time in the contract can leave you liable for thousands.

And this was the position that the company that obviously doesn’t care about her move left her in. There was no way she would have been able to vacate the property in time.

There is a reason we are more expensive, that goes beyond the huge differences in quality of service, and skillset of our employees.

It’s because we are professional, we do things properly and we won’t let you down. I hope those people who choose to avoid our deposit system because they’re frightened of losing about one hundred and fifty quid remember that by booking with an unregulated and unprofessional mover can cost you a whole heap more.

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