What to do on the day to get keys quicker

Stockholm Syndrome and Conveyancing

CHAPS and the evidence

Are Estate Agents words to be trusted?

Profiting from truly poor practice

Lifting the lid – selling & dates

What does Conveyancing Solicitor incompetence look like?

Why we don’t use other storage facilities and discussing quotes for storage

Professional Removers Expensive? Amateurs…Expensive? How do you tell them apart?

Notice for moving. Why it’s a lie to give a simple straight forward answer.

Provisional / Removal bookings, the truth of them, and how it works

How many removal men does it take to change a lightbulb?

What does it all mean? What does my solicitor actually do?

Gazumping Gazundering and Exchange of Contracts

How does it all work on moving day?

Top 5 reasons why not to move on a Friday

So, you book ‘x’, and get ‘y’. Sub-contracting and ‘service partners’

Article from ‘Todays Conveyancer’

‘Vacant Possesion’? It’s an obligation!

Being let down by removal company... read one customer’s story

Cash Buyer? Yeah, right! When is a cash buyer NOT cash buyer?

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10 / 10


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10 / 10




Moving Home

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