Professional Removers Expensive? Amateurs…Expensive? How do you tell them apart?

This post was prompted by a conversation had here between us and a customer for whom we visited and provided a quotation for.

Whilst it is very easy for us to simply say ‘we’re better’, the important thing is that we display how you, the all important customer can know this. See the lady in question rang to ask us if we would reduce our quotation by roughly 7% to match somebody else. This also has coincided with us training up a new colleague.

So, we decided to do our own comparison between us, and the other firm, and find out if the difference in costs (@5 Chinese takeaways) make us look like good value, or bad value. It was a good exercise, and good refresher training for all of us that find ourselves in the office here.

So, what was the first thing we looked for?


It is all well and good having someone from a firm of removers make promises to you when they visit, but those of us long served in domestic moving know that if it isn’t in writing it just doesn’t count. We found no cast iron guarantees on the website of the other firm whatsoever. We found plenty of shpiel, but nothing they could be sue’d for in the event it was found to be untruthful. Or misleading.

This led us on to;

Proof of what you are purchasing

On the other firms website there are no proper photographs showing the customer what they will receive. No proper ‘in action’ pics of vehicles, or premises, or, more importantly, the staff. Not even pictures of materials. Just library pictures of impossibly attractive people on a soft background looking happy.

Accreditations, memberships, and standards

Very often the public see a badge and imagine it is a sign of quality, but what is the badge you’re looking at? At an extreme end, for all you know the remover could be showing you an awarded badge for being a good fisherman. Unless you look, and see, and read, you’ll never know. Very often the clue is in the title.

For example the association recommended by Trading Standards, Which?, Rightmove and many more is BAR – British Association of Removers. If you see a badge for a business membership, then its likely a networking group, or if the badge has Transport, or Haulage in the name, chances are it has nothing whatsoever to do with moving home. Only BAR provides consumer protection. There is a huge difference.

Resources, backup, and ability.

We next looked to see where the firm was based. The address is a residential address. Therefore no commercial premise. Which obviously makes you wonder potentially how committed they are, and exactly how they run, and where are materials and equipment kept? Let alone the vehicles? Moreover, if the firm has no premise, then what sort of annual revenues are they producing, because if low revenue, where do the staff get paid from? Which then makes you ask if they’re using casual labour…………

Not to mention, proper removal vehicles require an operators license, which requires a proper premise to park on. So do they have proper vehicles?

What if a vehicle breaks down? Is the backup there? They obviously don’t have an office. Have they quick and ready access to further resources?


In many instances the customer has been given a slip with a price on. No terms, no agreements, barely anything in writing. Which the firm says is good – no contracts! HHmmmm, also no guarantees they will even turn up, and less in writing is less for the customer to ever fall back on…………

We could go on, but feel that this post, albeit fairly short does take a short step (of many) towards explaining the price difference.

In fact, we’re going to go a step further and suggest that whilst we are comfortable with the rates we charge, and can thoroughly justify those rates, we’d suggest the other firm is way, way too expensive based upon what they are to be so close to us in terms of pricing.

For those that wish to do so, please read on and examine the list of benefits (in response to the above in particular) we provide, and if any firm says ‘oh, yes, we do too’ see if they’ll put it in writing!

Our office is populated with people who know their craft, all know moving. They know the completion system, packing, and moving. They are as well versed as anyone you’ll speak to in the agents office. They are on hand for you, whenever you need advice. They know moving, have been on moves, watched moves, effected packing and even know how to correctly pack a move vehicle. The level of expertise at the end of the phone and available to you is unrivalled anywhere.

Our operational staff are all actual, Monday to Friday salaried employees, as proven by the promise we make in writing, and as evidenced on our meet the team page. A page no other firm seems keen to emulate……… Many ‘say’ it, nobody else will prove it.

The level of fitness, experience, skill and expertise from those who do this work every day for years on end is unparalleled.

Our  fleet is maintained beyond manufacturers specs, and beyond DVSA demands. No use to you if we break down…. Moreover, we operate and keep fully functional a fleet larger than we can staff. We’re no use to you if our vehicle breaks down on the way to you and we do not have an immediate backup plan. Or indeed if we’re unable to leave a vehicle loaded for you in the event of a completion problem.

Our material usage is ruthless; Let’s say that a crew effect a move where is the home is, umm, somewhat less than clean, and perhaps has dog hairs everywhere. Would you like us to bring all that kit to you the following day? Because most firms will. We will not. We’ll junk any kit that we wouldn’t allow to be used on our own personal possessions. This can mean two or three hundred pounds worth thrown in the bin and needing immediate ‘from stock’ replacement. It is not always possible to judge which homes may be like this.

Incidentally, I did once find a firm who told the customer this too. Surprising as they don’t even have a proper premise with a bin large enough to do this, nor a waste license, so what option are they taking? Fly-Tipping?

This website ; Please, have a good look, we produce more helpful resource, and better access than any firm in the country. No other firm in the UK publishes so much information, and so many customer reviews. Moreover our reviews are handwritten by our customers, and not re-typed by us!

Our premises; We operate from proper premises, with our own storage facilities, maintenance facilities, stock rooms and offices. You could come and visit if you wish. All of which massively increases our capability and our overheads. We’re not based behind a pub somewhere, on wasteground or in somebody else’s yard.

The quality of the packing boxes and materials is second to none. You’ll never get supplied with  ten pence specials from us, nor 3 times used boxes. Our boxes are bespoke to us, designed by us, and produced solely for us. All for the benefit of our customers.

As said regarding the earlier part of this post, we could carry on, for much, much longer, as there is still much much more we could talk about. If you keep browsing this website we know you’ll soon realise.

Most people (as a rough average) spend @£33k to move home, once stamp is factored in. The last, but possibly most important piece of the plan is a successful move. After spending tens of thousands this customer wishes to save the price of one posh meal in a restaurant…….I wonder is she still will desire this saving if she reads this page?

I’d love to hear opinions on this !

10 / 10


10 / 10


10 / 10


10 / 10




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