Why we don’t use other storage facilities and discussing quotes for storage

To some, they perfectly understand why we won’t use storage facilities outside of our control.

Others, well, we do get asked at times ‘Can I use you for the move into and out of storage but store elsewhere that is cheaper?’

The answer is, as per the thread title. No.

There have been instances over the years where we return to collect the contents of a unit from a facility we don’t own and they are not as we left them.

That sentence should tell you all you need to know.

We have turned up to goods that have been/are wet and become mouldy.

We have arrived back to remove goods and found them packed in the unit not just differently to how we left them but horrendously badly.

We have taken goods out from somebody else’s storage facility and found mice.

We found at one facility a mattress had tyre marks all over it that matched the tread on the forklift truck.

When we arrive back with your goods, both you, and us desire the condition to be exactly as we collected. No ‘if’s’ No ‘buts’.

If you would like us to do this for you, then we need to know;

The quality of the facility.

The quality of the people running that facility.

The quality of the stacking/packing of the goods .

The only way we can control this is if your worldly goods remain with us.

Quotes for storage

There are plenty of truly idiotic things written on certain firms websites about performing moves and moves in/out of storage. One thing that often gets overlooked by the public however is what they’re being quoted for.

‘Well, its just ‘x’ square feet’, or ‘well, it’s just ‘x’ containers’ I hear you cry.

Eerrrr, no. Not quite.

The question that never gets asked – what I have been quoted for

a) the smallest possible area all my possessions will cram into, by hook or by crook?

Or, b) Have I been quoted for the correct size area with everything sensibly packed and no chances taken?

How will you know?

And, how do you know the person providing that quotation knows what they are doing?

‘been in the trade 20 years luv’ – Yes, but only performing 2 moves and 6 quotes per week doesn’t add up to a fat lot even over 20 years………

ALWAYS get evidence of the facility, who owns it, and evidence that your goods are staying with a professional storage company. You must ensure you have the exact address of where your goods are.

And, please, do question the ability of the person providing a quotation. When was the last time they packed a unit, packed a vehicle, packed a box or performed any part of the physical process.

What experience do they actually have?

Good Luck


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10 / 10


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